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Bluetooth Wireless Music and Phone Shower Head

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Bluetooth Wireless Music and Phone Shower Head

Sadoo New Creation: Bluetooth Wireless Music and Phone Shower Head

Thanks for using Sadoo Music & Phone Shower Head. Please read this manual carefully before using.

1.Main Function:
1.1.Answer phone: Music stops for answering phone if phone call coming, short press power button to answer phone, music continues after phone call.
1.2.Waterproof & Noise Reduction: Cooperated technology with Lenovo, can hear clear music and phone during shower. Wipe dry the audio to continue use in case it’s dropped into water.
1.3.Bluetooth match: Support wireless Bluetooth match within 12 meters.
1.4.Battery duration: 1,100mAh lithium battery inside, last for 11.5 hours of playing music or answering phone in the condition of full charged.


   Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V3.0
   Transmission distance: 12 meters
   Battery duration: Max 11.5 hours
   Standby time: Max 15 days
   Charging time: around 4 hours
   Battery capacity: 1,100mAh

3..Before Using:
    Please charge around 4 hours before using.You can use our standard USB for battery charge. Full charged battery can last for 11.5 hours of playing music or answering phone. Max last for 15 days if standby.

   Please connect the USB properly, like you use your cell phone USB.Max power output should be: Vmax≦5.5V, otherwise Sadoo will not be responsible if the audio was damaged.

4.How to use it:

4.1.Turn on: Audio off, slightly press power button, the audio will be turned on after a “Didi” sound.
       Attention: if the audio has already matched a cell phone or other Bluetooth device, it will automatically match again when it’s turned on. Please turn on your Bluetooth device, the audio and your device will automatically match.

4.2.Turn off (or standby): Audio on, slightly press power button, your audio will be turned off.
        Advice: Please turn off the audio if long time no use.

4.3.Device match: You can use your audio only if it’s matched with your phone Bluetooth.
       Match means the procedure that your Bluetooth devices can remember each other’s ID during the automatic match (cell phone or tablet PC). It’s one time match for same device.

       Step I. Make sure the audio is fully charged before matching.
       Step II. Slightly press the power button, the audio is ready for match after a “Didi” sound.
       Step III. Turn on Bluetooth in your cell phone or tablet PC, find the audio Bluetooth device (please refer to your cell phone introduction of how to find Bluetooth).
       Step IV. Choose the audio device ID: DL-M8, blue light flashing means matching, blue light on means matched for playing music and answering phone.
       Step V. When the music on, short or long press the power button to pause or stop it. Music will stop for answering phone if phone call coming, short or long press is to answer or refuse phone call. Short press to hang up, music continues after phone call.

    It’s one time match for same device. Wireless Bluetooth Audio will automatically stop when Bluetooth is disconnected.Some cell phones may require match before connection. Please refer to your phone introduction.


5.1.We provide one year’s warranty for this product. During the warranty period, if a failure occurs due to the quality defects, please return the old one with relevant proof, our company will provide free repair or replacement.
5.2.Any damages caused by the followings are not covered under warranty:
5.3.The damage caused by improper use or installation.
5.4.Any damages caused by a man-made or accidental situation.
5.5.Any failures caused by action of unauthorized repair or modification.
5.6.The natural aging of the surface, scratches and other damages during transportation.
5.7.We still provide maintenance services after the warranty expires. Corresponding maintenance costs are required.